The Vaporous Region, Cécile Beau, Mixed Media, Sound, 2018.

In different cultures, at different points on the earth's surface, we have often given the role of "vehicles" to animals living on the border between two worlds: air and earth for birds, the earth and the underworld for snakes, land and water for amphibians ... This is apparently not the case for fish. Nevertheless, it is said that it is one of the first forms of life, from which a branch has emerged from the water to colonize the mainland. It is also named Matsya, when manifested as an avatar or incarnation in Hindu mythology. Here, this fish with diya or lamps as scales comes out of the water. It is disseminating sounds that evoke the stars of our solar system. Between earth and cosmos, the Matsya waves towards the water, the temple, and illuminates with his eyes – slightly and literally – the darkness when night comes.