Question Machine, Niroj Satpathy, Installation, 2018.

My work is presently based on the community around me. Since I arrived in Bhubaneshwar for the Art Trail, I have been having long conversations with the other participating artists about their work and their perceptions of this project and how they are representing this town. I feel that it is now time to ask ourselves what we are doing other than looking at infrastructural/political shortcomings and externalizing the blame. The community/society where we live is an extension of our immediate home and our actions are crucial to maintaining or challenging its present state. We are all aware of the environmental and infrastructural crisis in the places we live but until we self-realize and take responsibility and agency within our own environment, what change can be actualised? My work holds a mirror to the viewer, urging them to look within and discover their individual agency for change, because the personal is never disconnected from the political.