Past Continues/ous, Samarjeet Behera, Laterite Stone, 2018

I have worked on the idea of “temporality” for BAT 2018. I have created a mix-media sculpture made out of mirror and laterite to denote the alphabets: ‘P’, ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘T’, which form the word past, the English word for “atita”. The image or the structure of the ‘alphabetical construct’ means the past but the mirror will reflect the ‘present’ surrounding. The alphabet ‘S’ especially will be sculpted out of laterite creating a semblance of a flowing stream which, according to the oral history of the old town area, once flowed there. This metaphorical representation of the stream from the bygone times and the current reflection of the existing space give enough scope for contemplation on the intersection between history and memory. The viewers/onlookers will see their own reflection and become a part of the work.