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Satyabhama Majhi

Satyabhama is an artist from Bhubaneswar (Odisha) practicing in varied expressions such as Painting, Installation art, Sculpting and Photography. Her strength is painting and she does a lot of concepts on Growing Urbanization. Apart from that, she also undertakes many socially relevant and much needed projects where she takes art as a medium to engage with the community.


In the past 15 years she has been working a lot with school children to help them and their school authorities understand and indulge in creative learning processes though art and art practices. She also works very closely with tribal communities to understand their culture and lifestyle. She believes that her efforts are a process of developing empathy and better relationships with nature, oneself, each other and the surroundings. She was a recipient of State award of Lalita Kala Academy, Odisha in 2012. In the recent past she has worked towards the beautification of Bhubaneswar city by working for wall painting for Asian Games 2017. She has also worked outside the country.