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Suchismita Mohanty

Suchismita Mohanty was born in Odisha. She is an artist, who uses various mediums for her creativity, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. She has completed her Bachelor Degree in sculpture pathway and honed her skill over stone and wood carving. She has participated in a number of workshops all over in India.


She started developing her ideas more conceptually during her master program in Art History at National Museum New Delhi, India; which later helped her to think deeply about her roots back to her native place in Odisha. Basically she belongs from a farmer’s family, she is somewhat inspired by nature, greenery and agriculture; which could be easily seen in her artworks, too. She has coordinated an international art workshop during her master studies which was quite useful to her artistic endeavor. Although she has been living in a metro city of the country now, she still thinks about her native place. The green vast fields, Rivers, Deep forest etc. Apart from it she is also been involved with creative cooking, food designing and food photography.