परिवर्तन, Teja Gavankar, Installation, 2018.

In today’s time, the city Bhubaneswar has two names ­– 1. Temple City and 2. Smart City. The second implies that we are developing our living conditions.

      When we talk about the development of the society or of bettering the living conditions, we think of altering our lives with new technologies. Nevertheless, the new society comes with new issues.  It is in human nature to find problems in the current situation and also to come-up with solutions. But afterwards the solution becomes a problem and we have to create a new solution.

      Does this mean that nothing is perfect? Everything is grey, neither black nor white. Everything is in a state of flux. Change is the only constant thing. But the question remains, are we on the right track?

This work will orient the viewer to perceive the shifts in time and attempts to initiate a process of thinking for the present as well as the future.