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Wheel of Tradition and Faith, Arunkumar H. G., Installation, 2018.

Signs and symbols are the clues in measuring time, people, places, ghettos, animals, things etc. 'Faith' is something invisible in people unless it is exhibited through signs and symbols, some are permanent and some are temporary. It is interesting that some religious faith is instilled through trees, plants and other natural elements, maybe it is to encourage the sustainability of the resources and the natural elements which are the basis of our existence.


There are the religious and mythological references that trees and plants having divine presence in them also they are respected for many reasons, like for having life-saving qualities. In spite of all these qualities, this natural world is not regarded much by mankind.


My project as part of Bhubaneshwar Art Trail is to do with some artistic elements to look for this natural wealth around us, devised with objects made with locally found materials etc.

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