Temple City,  Satyabhama Majhi, Metal and fabric, 2018.

The idea of this work is inspired from the phrase “temple city”. My interest starts with the ideas of coexistence of these two words, where the temple and the city coexist. How two different concepts are existing together in the landscape of the Old Town?

      The debates and the interactions which I want to propose through my work are on the coexistence of the temple and city (or many cities) through a comparison between their architectural structures, memories and the monotony. The tensions of such coexistence becomes more important in terms of looking at the diverse concerns related to urbanization, migration and the mobilization of migrants.

    Through this collaborative work my attempt is to generate a kind of archive which can unravel different stories about the Old Town. Collected from the school students, these stories can formulate a different kind of oral folkloric archive. My work will provide a new lens for looking at the histories and the way this part of the city has been functioning till now.