The Heated Debate, Sharmila Samant, Painted text, carving and performance, 2016-ongoing

As citizen/artist (public intellectual) one needs to inquire into the nature and extent of ones’ knowledge, whatever the ostensible subject under investigation – information, virtue, justice, or power, amongst others. As the eternal moral law is part of the universe, to do what is praiseworthy is to act in harmony with the universe, and accordingly such action will receive its proper reward; conversely, once the true nature of the self is understood, it becomes apparent that those who do what is wrong are acting self-destructively.


Rhetorical questions, that emerge spontaneously from the fertile combination of knowledge and logic can be used as tools for developing self‐reflexivity and exploring the therapeutic alliance in the process of convening a paradoxical injunction that can be appropriated for resolving impasses. The Heated Debate are series of self –reflective questions that urge the individual to partake in their moral and ethical duties within contemporary society.