Sailing in Between, Pratap Chandra Jena and Smrutikant Rout, Bamboo Installation, 2018.

We are making a huge floating structure of bamboo on Bindusagar. Bindusagar is the oldest pond than the Lingaraj Temple according to some sources. We presume that Bindusagar knows more stories about Ekamra Kshetra. Water is the central point related to all the religious places. During the ancient times people used the water of Bindusagar for drinking purpose, but today it is polluted. So, aren't we losing the source of this holy place by polluting its water? Making ourselves purified in the holy water and the process of making the water polluted is very close to each other. We made an abstract bamboo structure on water, which will change its place in Bindusagar every day. Our behavior towards Bindusagar is our work. Through our floating work, in day time, we are trying to discover and remember our past by navigating our present. At night we are paying our tribute to Bindusagar by illuminating it.