The Malleability Of All Things Solid 4, M. Pravat, Laterite, Concrete, Metal, 2018.

Our lives are unquestionably shaped by the built environments that we inhabit. And as much as we occupy architectural spaces, architecture itself too occupies a unique place in our sensibilities. My practice is deeply embedded in manifestations as well as imaginations of environments. It offers increasingly newer possibilities to imagine space in the contemporary moment, especially when different utopias are at a collision by an excess of images and virtual spaces. What constitutes the notion of the real and the concrete is in drastic flux. Through my practice as a painter, I explore what this phenomena of excess does to our imagination of concrete spaces as I try to shed off representational familiarity associated with our built environment. In doing so, I find myself appropriating, redistributing and reconfiguring the relationship between images and materials that are central to our idea of space and forms.