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Niroj Satpathy

Niroj was born in Odisha in 1984 and pursued an M.V.A from Utkal University of Culture in 2009, a B.F.A from BK Art College, Utkal University. In 2012 he moved to Delhi.


Having his practice aided by what he experiences and collects while on the job as a night supervisor in the waste management department; he is a self-proclaimed apprentice of the night. He has been working with MCD solid waste management for last 5years on which his present research is focused. While watching landfill sites in the light talking to his co-workers /labourers and city dwellers, he gets most of his ideas. The raw garbage waste, the by-product of human life became the source of his thinking. He has used non-conventional mediums like rice husk, tissue paper, chocolate, expired medicine, cow dung, fungus etc., to create a dialogue around political and philosophical issues of life in the contemporary, like farmers suicide, state control, power through surveillance, sanctity and purity, hierarchical structures built into consumer goods, religion, and caste etc.


He collects materials from the garbage dump, reshape or modify them according to his need. He is interested in the temporary and ephemeral quality of the waste and the idea of recycling. His home-residency-studio has become kind of a museum of the collected material. His work is process-driven sometimes takes time as long as 2 years to complete and some works are intended to be lifelong projects, ever-evolving and open-ended, keep him out of control of the changing nature of the work while welcoming multiple interpretations.