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Teja Gavankar

Teja Gavankar received a Master’s in Visual Arts in Painting from the School of Fine Arts in Baroda, In 2014. She also holds a certificate in Indian Aesthetics from Kalina University in Mumbai. Gavankar lives and works in Mumbai. BVA from L.S.Raheja School of Art, Bandra, Mumbai, India.

Mainly interested in drawings and her urge is to make drawings in space too. She prefer to work with spaces and things around her. Teja’s interest in subverting mundane spaces, adding a new perception to them. Her intention is to look at spaces as mental states. Hence she prefer to make use of existing materials or situations rather than bringing new material into the place.

She received ‘Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation’ supporting International (India-Quebec) Residency at ‘The Darling Foundry’, Montreal, Canada. Sep-Nov2014; Khoj peers share’ program, at ‘Khoj international artist association’, Delhi, India.

Teja has been awarded the ‘Nasreen Mohamedi’ award in MVA Display, M.S.U. Baroda, India, 2014.

Her first solo show has recently happened in ‘Optica Center for Contemporary Art’ in Montreal. Teja has been part of several group shows; she was a part of ‘Young Subcontinents’ in ‘Serendipity Art Festival’ in Goa, December 2016; Teja has participated in public art event with ‘Art Oxygen’. She was a resident artist at ‘What About Art’ Bandra, Mumbai, India, April-May 2016; in 2015 at Verticale Artist Center, short residency and ‘in Situ’ project, Laval, Canada; Kochi Biennale Foundation PG Residency collaboration with Palette people, Vagamon, Kerala, India. May; participated in ‘Activating Space’ by ‘Khoj International Artist Association, Delhi, India. April.

Currently she is showing her work at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018. She received Junior fellowship from Ministry of Culture, Government of India.